Guerre sans Images

And these images, snatched by Michael von Graffenried without having been aimed, for to raise a camera to one’s eye is to put one’s life in danger, testify to a truth that no one is showing, that of daily fear and furor that you won’t see on the six o’clock news on television.

Robert Delpire, Creator and Founding Director of the Centre National de la Photographie, Paris, France 1981 – 1996

“It was chance, as almost everything else that happened in my career, that brought me to Algeria. I first set foot in the country, which I had never really heard of, to present an exhibition. In 1992, the civil war started. Because of the insecurity and the deep mistrust against photography, in order to be able to take pictures without people noticing, I decided to use a camera placed on my abdomen. Over the next ten years, I regularly went back to Algeria. A first exhibition was held in Paris in 1998, a second in Algiers in January 2000 at the National Library. When they saw the pictures, many people not only forgave me for having stolen the images, they also started confiding in me, telling me about these dark years. With film director Mohammed Soudani, we decided to go back to Algeria to find the people on the pictures. The result is the film Algérie – je sais que tu sais, which was presented at the International Film Festival in Locarno in 2002. For the people of Algeria, it represents the beginning of a path towards memory. A small step, but a step nonetheless.”Guerre_sans_images_mvg_001 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_002 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_003 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_004 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_005 Le vendredi, la tension règne aux abords des mosquées, Alger, juillet 1992. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_007 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_008 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_009 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_010 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_011 Trois générations de femmes algériennes à Touggourt, novembre 1991. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_013 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_014 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_015 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_016 Place des Martyrs à Alger, 1992. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_018 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_019 Tension dans la rue à Blida, novembre 1995. "Patriotes" sur le minaret de la mosquée d’Igoujdal, mars 1995. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_022 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_023 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_024 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_025 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_026 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_027 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_028 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_029 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_030 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_031 Dans la discothèque de l'hôtel El Djazaïr, à Alger, juin 1998. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_033 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_034 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_035 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_036 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_037 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_038 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_039 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_040 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_041 Dans la banlieue d'Alger, deux garçons jouent au policier et au terroriste. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_043 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_044 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_045 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_046 Journée internationale de la femme, salle Ibn Khaldoun, Alger, 8 mars 1995. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_048 17327-ALGERIE-054P114/115 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_050 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_051 Une famille algéroise dans son salon, novembre 1995. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_053 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_054 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_055 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_056 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_057 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_058 Jeunes dans le quartier de Hussein Dey, à Alger, jouant aux dominos. Jeunes d'Alger rêvant de partir à l'étranger. Dans la Casbah, un vieux couple revenant du marché aux légumes. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_062 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_063 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_064 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_065 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_066 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_067 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_068 Barrage de police dans la capitale. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_070 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_071 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_072 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_073 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_074 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_075 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_077 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_078 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_079 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_080 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_081 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_082 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_083Guerre_sans_images_mvg_084 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_085 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_086 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_087 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_088 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_089 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_090 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_091 Contrôle policier sur une route de la Mitidja. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_093 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_094 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_095 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_097 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_098 Match de football au stade du 5 Juillet, à Alger. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_100 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_101 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_102 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_103 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_104 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_105 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_106 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_107 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_108 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_109 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_110 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_111 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_112
Guerre_sans_images_mvg_113 Dans la casbah, juin 1998. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_115 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_116 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_117 Les puits de pétrole de Hassi Messoud, en novembre 1997. Guerre_sans_images_mvg_119 Guerre_sans_images_mvg_120