Eye on Africa

“The boy on the trunk is a pygmee from the Baka tribe. Because of industrial logging, his future in the equatorial forest is bleak. To explain my work, I often use the word “encounter”. I want to confront people who would never normally meet. For these encounters to take place, I try to photography people in “real” situations. I then transfer the images in the viewer’s environment, thus the panoramic format. The viewer can then delve directly into the event, and feels he is himself within the picture frame.

„Photography is the perfect excuse to enter the dream, this world where we do not belong.“

Albertine Bourget, January 2009 – in the book eye on africa

These 32 panoramic images, made over two one-month stays in Cameroon, were printed on publicity boards in five Swiss cities. It is my goal and my hope that the viewer will let himself plunge in the image and, maybe, reduce the distance and fear between the African and himself. Eye on Africa wants to show the diversiy and beauty of an African country, far from the poverty and violence usually associated with the African continent.”

25KribiSea_Eye_on_Africa_mvg Coucher de soleil sur l’océan Ekribi, la riviera du Cameroun, 2009, ink jet print, 125 x 284 cm, Édition : 1/319Mask_Eye_on_Africa_mvgWum, 2008, Lambda print, 125 x 284 cm, Édition : 1/3 BakaBoyGR._Eye_on_Africa_mvgBaka boy, 2009, Lambda print, 110 x 48 cm, Édition : 1/507Youngsters_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 05Funeral_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 00Generals_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 08Football_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 09Kalebasse_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 10TwoBoys_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 11Accident_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 12Fisherman_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 14Sandworker_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 15Shirtvernder_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 16Workers_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 17TaxiMoto_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 18WomanSultan_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 20FuneralPig_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 21Jogging_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 22BrassBand_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 23sisters_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 24Clothesmarket_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 26RiotPolice_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 27Magie_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 28Scoolboys_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 29Horse_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 31HighSociety_Eye_on_Africa_mvg 32PygmeaFamily_Eye_on_Africa_mvgDeuxCabannes